When You Need An Experienced Plumber in Lismore


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When it comes to plumbing, whether it be a repair or a new installation, you want to ensure that it is done right the first time by a local plumber in Lismore that you can trust.

A plumber that has nearly 30 years of experience in looking after the businesses and families in our community by offering an excellent service at prices to suit your budget.

The company you need to hire is the team here at David Lewis plumbing.


Superb At The Small Jobs

When it comes to the plumbing at you home or workplace, even the smallest leaks can cause you big headaches. Taps and showers that may leak constantly and keep you up at night as well as raising your utility bills or a leaking toilet that makes setting foot in the bathroom or staff toilets a challenge in itself are some of the times you may need to call us.

If your drains are blocked causing a nauseating smell or water to overflow from toilets and sinks. Maybe your problem is low water pressure that makes showering a near impossibility and doing the washing up a timely and exasperating challenge.

We are the only plumber in Lismore that can give you a first class friendly service and rectify your problems with the minimum of fuss. All without costing you the earth.
No job is too small or troublesome for our expert team of plumbers and seeing your happiness and relief when we complete our work is why we do what we do.


Brilliant At The Big Jobs

It may be that you want a new heating system installed or are completing a new home build or restoration. We are your local firm that can design and install the plumbing system that you desire.

We will work alongside you all the way to find out what specifics you want in your home or business and then make sure that it is done.

When installing a heating system, we will inspect your premises thoroughly to be able to give you the least intrusive, yet high functioning and efficient heating system available. Work like this can only be carried out because of our high level of expertise and professionalism.


Never Settle For Less Than The Best

Whatever your plumbing needs, whether that be installations or repairs, you should always ensure that the plumber in Lismore that you instruct to do the work should be nothing short of the very best. That is why you should hire our experts at David Lewis Plumbing.

No matter the size or complexity of the job you need doing, we can complete it to the highest standards in the timeframe that you set out and at a price that suits the budget you have in place.

Contact (www.davidlewisplumbing.com.au/contact-us/) us today online or give us a call on (02) 6621 8088 to see what we can do for you and take advantage of our free no obligation quotation.

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