Common hot water system problems solved

If you’re worried about your hot water system running into problems, you can rest easy – as modern hot water systems have become exceptionally reliable and protected by outstanding warranties. 

Even with incredible developments in technology, hot water systems can still run into problems. If your hot water system does go on the blink, your solution could be as easy as a quick call to your plumber

And if you have a sense something’s not working as it should, check out our list of the most common hot water system issues, how serious they are, and what you should do next.

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If your hot water heater is leaking, your system won’t work. Leaks are indicated by water accumulating at the bottom of your water heater or trickling down the outer portion of the tank. 

A leak coming from the pressure relief valve might be able to be replaced or easily cleaned out if a build-up of sediment is to blame. If the leak originates from another place, it might not be as simple a fix. 

You’ll need to arrange a qualified plumber to assess the situation – and while you’re waiting for them to arrive, make sure you turn off your water supply.


If you have water, but it’s running cold – or colder than normal – you might have a problem with your system’s circuit breaker. Inspect your fuse box and switch the breaker on again if it’s tripped, giving it time to heat up. 

A gas hot water system might just need a gas bottle replacement, or the gas in your area may have been cut off for some reason. If these strategies don’t solve the problem, of your circuit breaker’s often tripping, call a professional plumber.


Sometimes, hot water can be just too hot. If this is the case, make an adjustment to the dial to your hot water heater’s thermostat and wait an hour before checking the temperature again. If there’s no change in temperature, you have a problem, and you should contact a licensed plumber as soon as you can.


If you suddenly have no water at all, check your cold water output to ensure there’s no problem with the water pressure or your supply. 

If just the hot water has an issue, check your hot water system for a nearby isolation valve. This will likely look like a red or yellow handle beside the water intake. If the handle’s been switched off, turning it back on might be just what you need to do. If that doesn’t help, you might need to make further adjustments, and a professional plumber can help you solve the problem.


Noises coming from your system – like bangs, gurgles or pops – can simply be the result of natural contractions and expansions in the pipes. 

This is more common in older systems with a build-up of minerals and hard water, and a professional plumber can arrange a system flush to extend your system’s life. A boiling sound, on the other hand, can be a dangerous sign of overheating and should be treated as an emergency.


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