Ways Solar Hot Water Systems Save You Money in Tweed Heads

We would all like to save on our bills and one of the greatest costs is our hot water heating bills. Luckily, we live in Australia where there is abundant sunshine, so solar powered heating makes sense. Energy from the sun is a natural resource and also free. It makes sense to take advantage of it.

Whether you’re environmentally conscious or keen to lower your costs, investing in a solar hot water system is worth it. Here at David Lewis Plumbing we would like to show the ways solar hot water systems saves you money in Tweed Heads.

  • It is estimated that a solar hot water system can save you up to 75% on your hot water heating bills, which accounts for a significant drop in energy payments.
  • There are government rebates for installing solar hot water heating. These rebates are designed to offset the purchase and installation costs of switching to solar power to heat your water.  When you purchase a system, you are entitled an STC-Small-scale Technology Certificate, which are issued by the government to encourage clean energy use. These certificates each have a certain status and value, depending on the system you are installing. As each state has its own rebate system, you will have to check the government website to find out much they are worth. Their value is tied to the prices on the energy market.
  • Sunlight powers the solar hot water system by absorbing the sun’s rays through the panels on your roof and is a direct transfer of heat to the water. There are two kinds of this type of solar hot water heaters. One is called Flat Plate Collector and the other is the Evacuated Tube Collector, for the obvious reason that it uses tubes. Both are as equal efficient in turning sunlight into heat, but there is another option. The Heat Pump system actually uses heat instead of light. It does this by absorbing heat from the air and storing it. It acts like reverse air conditioning. It does use electricity to function, but energy experts claim it can still save you 75% on your heating costs.

Go Solar Now!

What’s there to think about? Go green, help cut down on greenhouse emissions and save yourself money at the same time. We at David Lewis Plumbing have been installing solar hot water systems for a long time and have helped many satisfied customers. Contact us for a chat if you need more information or use our online form to request a quote