Government subsidies for solar power in New South Wales 2021

Thinking about going solar in the northern rivers? Read our blog to learn about the NSW Government subsidies you’re eligible for in 2021!

Solar power in New South Wales

With an incredible climate, months of sunshine and considerable subsidies from the government, more and more Australians are choosing to install a solar power system into their home. As part of the Net Zero plan, where the NSW government has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2050, they have created a range of subsidies to encourage residents to choose renewable energy sources for their home.

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Solar rebates and incentives in New South Wales

There are a number of solar incentives that NSW residents can benefit from and two of the most well known are feed-in tariffs (FiTs) and Small-scale Technology Certificates. There is also the Empowering Homes program, the Smart Home Battery Scheme and solar power incentives for low-income households, which we will discuss in turn. 

Feed-in tariffs

In many households across New South Wales, solar panels often produce more electricity that is consumed. Your electric company will then pay you for the excess electricity which is sent to the grid. The amount of energy exported is then deducted from your energy bill, based on each kilowatt-hour (kWh) that has been sent to the grid. There is a wide range of energy companies that provide feed-in tariffs, offering various deductions so you can choose one that best suits your system and energy usage.

Small-scale Technology Certificates

If you choose to install a renewable generator, you will be awarded STCs. These are given by the Australian government and they are calculated based on the expected energy output that the generator will have during its lifetime. There are other factors that affect the number of STCs, including the size of the system and how sunny the area is, with zone 1 being the sunniest and 4 the least. The rebate is currently worth about $600 per kW of solar panels that have been installed, but that figure is going down so it is best to install solar panels as soon as possible to benefit.

Empowering Homes

The NSW Government has launched a program called ‘Empowering Homes’ which offers an interest-free loan to homeowners who choose a renewable energy system. Piloting in the Hunter region in 2020 and expanding further in 2021, if you decide to install a solar panel or solar battery system in New South Wales, you could be eligible for an interest-free government loan.

Solar panels for low-income households

To encourage low-income families to install renewable energy systems, the government has launched a new program which will install a free solar power system in their home. The government is launching a trial in five regions to install 3 kilowatt solar systems in the homes of around 3000 low-income households.

Solar panel installation New South Wales

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