Going Solar in the Lismore Area

Going solar makes sense for a lot of reasons. In a country where the sun shines most of the time, these reasons are even more compelling.

In fact, developments in storage mean that, even when it’s dark, having solar panels is still a good idea. Depending on the size of your property, you could provide all the electricity you need yourself. That’s not only good for the bank balance, it has huge benefits for society as a whole. As well as the plumber Lismore people trust, we are also experts at installing solar panels.


Bottom Line

The main reason home and business owners choose solar power is to save themselves money. Over a year, solar panels can save $400 per kilowatt of electricity used. If you run a 3 kW system, this means a saving of $300 per quarter, or $1,200 a year. What’s not to like? Initial installation is an up front cost, but with savings like that, it will soon pay for itself.


Not only that, but Government subsidies are available for solar power installation. There are also schemes which offer solar as a service; you don’t pay up front, just slightly more per bill. For most people, however, using their subsidy is the best way to go. A good local supplier will measure your roof and advise you on the best course of action. They will also tell you how much subsidy you’ll receive.


Having solar power installed can actually make you money. Some home or business users generate enough electricity to sell to the grid. While that’s not always possible, solar is still an excellent investment. Having a working solar system adds to the value of any property. Combined with lower bills, that’s a win win situation.


Environmental Health

As the plumber Lismore residents call to install their solar power systems, we know people appreciate their environmental benefits. Every kilowatt of electricity solar panels provide is one less for power stations to supply. As electricity is not always available in some parts of the country, this has even better implications. Remote areas relying on power stations hundreds of miles away would no doubt welcome their own supply.


Although Australia’s energy supply is changing, at the moment 85% of it still comes from fossil fuels. That means coal and natural gas. For many Australians, the environmental damage burning these materials causes is simply unacceptable. Greater emphasis is being placed on renewable energy, but any changes will take years to implement.


By having solar power installed, you cut out the middle man. You really can do your bit for the environment, 24 hours a day. New South Wales gets plenty of sunshine, so why not really make the most of it?


Learn More

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