Is There Such Thing as Eco Friendly Drain Cleaner?

A blocked drain is always a nightmare, but even more so when you are trying your very best to be environmentally friendly.

If you want to avoid toxic drain cleaners, but think that you need more advice before you have to call in a plumber in Lismore, then David Lewis Plumbing has some information for you. 

Traditional drain cleaners and chemicals
The basic drain cleaning tools which we all grew up with are traditionally made from strong chemicals which are potentially toxic, and include sodium hydroxide, sulphuric acid, and potassium hydroxide.

There are tons of warning labels all over them, and their corrosive nature can also cause damage to your pipework if you are not careful.

 Friendlier cleaners
Eco-friendly cleaners are produced and are designed to reduce the amount of chemicals that you use to clean your drains.

Of course, Bicarbonate of Soda and natural enzymes still involve chemicals, but they don’t require hydroxides to work. 

Can they be useful?
The question of whether they can be useful will depend upon how long you are prepared to wait for them to work.

If you are cleaning the drain as part of a weekly ritual, then they should be fine.

However, there is one big drawback to these cleaners that can be negative if you have an emergency, and you may need to call David Lewis Plumbing instead.

 The long wait
Almost all eco drain cleaners take 24 hours to work. This is a very serious waste of time when compared to other chemicals, which often just take a few minutes to work.

If you aren’t prepared to wait, then you will have to call in a plumbing team instead. 

The lack of penetration
When you are clearing your drains, you want to make sure that everything is gone, but most eco-friendly drain cleaners will only work on organic matter.

This means that they are not able to remove other obstacles which might be down your drains, such as cotton buds and wet wipes.

If they are blocking the space, you will need to call for assistance.

Can’t wait for eco-friendly cleaning products?
If you have been trying to clean out your drains with eco-friendly products, then you may have reached the end of your patients.

When it is time to call a plumber in Lismore, David Lewis Plumbing is just at the end of the line.

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