Which Hot Water System Should I Get?

There are many people now taking advantage of a new hot water system in Tweed Heads and Lismore.

With the advancement of technology your options in regards to hot water have grown considerably from the old fashioned systems that we are used to.

Our team of expert plumbers here at David Lewis Plumbing stay at the very forefront of plumbing breakthroughs so that we can offer you the very latest and cost effective solutions for your home.

Solahart Solar Hot Water Heating

One of the main advancements in heating technology is the opportunity to have a solar hot water system in Tweed Heads.

This revolutionary new system will save you money while also looking after our environment by using renewable energy coming straight from the sun.

We get an immense amount of sun in our region, so this system is ideal for all of us in the area.

Now is the best time to make the switch as our government is offering us grants so that we can all make the switch to solar energy.

That makes this system within reach for every household.

The system works by heating your water using the suns energy.

This energy is then stored securely until you want a shower or to do the dishes, ensuring that you have hot water whenever you need it. We can also use solar heat pumps at your property.

During the winter when it may be a lot cooler and cloudier this system will work just as well as in the summer.

The pumps give you levels of hot water that are concentrated into your home whenever you want it.

This doesn’t just work well in winter, if your home is shaded from the sun or the roof where the solar panels are situated are north facing then you will still have guaranteed hot water all year round.

The Experts In Plumbing

We have close to 30 years plumbing experience around our community and we strive to maintain the highest standards, the lowest prices and the most recent and money saving technology.

When you decide you need a new hot water system, we will furnish you with a free, no obligation quotation and inspect your home to see which system will work perfectly for you.

You will always get friendly and honest advice from our team and the very best service.

Harness The Sun

When you decide that you want a new hot water system in Tweed Heads or Lismore, we will be on hand to assist you.

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