Signs That You Might Need a New Hot Water System

Hot water systems do not last forever.

Inefficient systems can cost you time, money and water damage.

Tweed Heads hot water system owners can benefit from learning more about when to replace your systems.

The following signs may mean you need to replace yours.

Signs you need a new hot water system:

  • If your current hot water system is ten years or older, it could need replacing as units of this age can start having problems on a regular basis.
  • When you do not have enough hot water for a shower, it may be time to get a new hot water system. Before most hot water systems fail, often people run out of hot water before their showers end. Sediment build-up in your hot water system is generally the culprit when you start to run out of hot water too early.
  • Toward the end of your hot water system’s life, leaks can happen. Check that there are no leaks appearing from the connections to your water tank or the fittings before replacing your system. Leaks can cause a lot of damage to the area your hot water system is in.
  • Loud, grumbling sounds from your hot water system can be caused by sediment build-up that collects in the bottom of your tank over the years. Sometimes this can mean you need a new system. Other times it just means the build-up of the sediment needs to be removed. It is a good idea to call your plumber to see what can be done for this problem.
  • Dirty or rusty water can mean that there is rust and corrosion inside the storage tank of your system. This often happens when your system is at the tail end of its life. There is a piece in your hot water system called the sacrificial anode that needs replacing on a regular basis to prevent rusting and corrosion in the tank. If it is not routinely replaced, it can cause your steel tank to crumble apart and deteriorate.

Hot water system assistance

If you keep having problems with your hot water system in Tweed Heads, it might be possible you need a new one.

You can possibly save hundreds of dollars on future energy bills and repairs by purchasing a hot water system that is more efficient in its use of energy.

It’s best to get ahead of things like this and not wait until your system has broken down to replace it as, many times, break-downs come with leaks and can cause damage.

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